Review sessions:

Tuesday, April 29 - 2:20
Thursday, May 1 - 2:20 (this is the day before the final exam, FYI)
Monday, May 12 - 2:20
Wednesday, May 14 - 2:20 (this is the day before the AP exam)
We will also do review in class.


World map of refugees


Participants of World War II: Allies in green, Axis in blue, neutral countries in grey


Further clarification:

Dark Green: Allies before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, including colonies and occupied countries.

Light Green: Allied countries that entered the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Blue: Axis Powers and their colonies or countries that had to choose a side in order to stay independent.

Dark green dots represent countries that initially were neutral but during the war were annexed by the USSR.

Light green dots represent countries that later in the war changed from the Axis to the Allies.

Blue dots represent countries either being conquered by the Axis Powers, becoming puppets of those (Vichy France and several French colonies, Croatia), or Finland which was just an ally.


Nuclear Warheads per One million habitants

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Breakup of Yugoslavia

Hi all! Please view the video “This Magnificent African Cake” and complete the video guide before class on Monday. The link’s on Bboard!


The route of the International Space Station. It completes this route every 90 min.

So it’s snowing. Again.

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Italian Empire in 1939. Source